Emily K, 42

Massachusetts, Infertility

"It was after I gone through three miscarriages and feeling hopeless when I first met Dr. Lee. My first miscarriage happened when I was 39 years old and after the 3rd miscarriage, I was disappointed. When I almost gave up on the hope of having my own child, my mother strongly suggested that I see Dr. Lee whose reputation was very well known even in South Korea. After a month of treatment, I started feeling my body temperature warm and felt energized again and less tiresome during my work hours. Shortly after, I got pregnant again and we were given a beautiful daughter who gives us so much joy everyday. My mother always mentions Dr. Lee, how gracious she was during the process of treatment and my whole family are in owe of Dr. Lee at YB. Thank you Dr. Lee!"

Lisa, 41, NY

Full recovery from the pain during pregnancy

It was like a miracle to be free from my shoulder pain at last after getting YB treatment. Since I was not allowed to take any medication or acupuncture during my 8-month pregnancy, Dr. Lee came up with the Taping…….and it miraculously eased all the pains. Ever since the treatment, I said "Goodbye to shoulder pain and sleepless nights" and brought my whole family members to YB for general care.

Yoomi L, 36, NY

Herb remedy for the pregnancy and after giving birth


After my miscarriage, my body was swollen and getting fatigue very easily, even after the hours of sleep. My allergy symptom was also getting worse at the same time. So I took all kinds of supplements like vitamins and Asian ginseng tea and so forth, but none of them was working for my symptoms. One day, my mother who watched what I was going through, she suggested Chinese Herb remedy. However at that time, I was little doubtful because I was working in medical field and did not want to take any chance to getting another miscarriage in the future.

But my symptom was never going away and I took my mother's advice to visit YB and I must say that it is still the smartest thing that I ever did in my life. My condition was getting better and relieved from my allergy symptoms and was pregnant again in 2 month after taking the herb treatment. This is not the end of the happy story. Even after giving birth to my happy and healthy child, Dr. Lee gave me postpartum care that helped me to get back to work in three month in a very healthy condition. Now I feel like I am blessed with my baby and I thank Dr. Lee for her professionalism with care."

Cindi K. 46, NY

Detox Program

Through my experience with YB Detox Program, I realized that 'Diet is just not about losing weight, but re-gaining healthy and happy life style.' In 2009, I gave birth to my first child at the late age and went through physical transformation that resulted a lot of side effects such as back pain, joint pressures and I was getting more distant from routine exercise and felt fatigue all the time. Finally I decided to take action and came to YB detox diet program. It was an amazing experience because it was very simple and easy steps and I started to lose weight after 2 weeks of diet and my skin tone was getting brighter due to detoxification. By the end of the program, I lost more than 12 pounds and I am so thankful to YB for such an incredible experience.

Christine 25, NJ

Detox Progra

My experience at YB has been wonderful. Dr. Lee is great and her staff is very friendly. As part of the Detox Program, not only have I lost pounds, but also I've gained confidence and better health. My lifestyle and eating habits have completely changed. The support you get from YB is undeniably the best! They are with you every step of the way and eater the diet the way you can manage it to fit your needs. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking to lose pounds without gaining it all back. Every week, I've been losing weight and enjoying life. I can't wait to see the final results!!

Yoon C, 48

Cosmetic Acupuncture

"I have done many facial treatments from laser pealing to botax but Facial Acupuncture is the best if you are looking for a safe and promising cosmetic result. I was never satisfied with the chemical treatments out there because they are never lasting and made my skin tone darker and duller and losing elasticity as time goes by. But YB's cosmetic acupuncture, you can experience the difference and your friends see the difference. YB's cosmetic acupuncture made my face smaller without losing elasticity and reduced my facial wrinkles and brightened my skin tone. My friends ask me these days what I did with my face, thinking that I did some cosmetic surgery. I never knew that acupuncture could work for the cosmetic purposes and make such big change. I tell my friends that it's YB's cosmetic acupuncture and now I share my great experience with them."

Soon K, 41, NJ

Chronic Pain

"I am happy with Dr. Lee, who is my acupuncture doctor, and I can finally hope to recover soon because my back pain has become less or sometimes virtually no pain because of her treatment. Moreover, I have gone to her for three times and I can exercise by myself already. After the car accident, I have had serious back pain and I was really lucky to find such experienced acupuncturist in the city. Sometimes in the near future, I hope to go shopping on my own again."

Seung L, 53, NJ


"I thanked Dr. Lee that I was finally able to breathe through my nose just after my first treatment. During the allergy season, I suffered serious migraine, sneezing and runny nose and that's how I made my first visit to YB. Dr. Lee checked my condition and said that I lost my immune and energy due to heavy stress. She then treated me with the acupuncture…. And miraculously that night, I was able to sleep. I just could not believe that a simple acupuncture can cure long year unpleasant symptoms at once. I now believe that acupuncture is a science."

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