"How effective is acupuncture for infertility?"

My experience at Hamsoa has been wonderful. Dr Lee is great and her staffs are very friendly. As part of the Detox program, not only have I lost pounds, but also I've gained confidence & better health. My life style & eating habits have changed. The support you get from Hamsoa is undeniably the best. They are with you every step of the way & eater the diet the way you can manage it to fit your needs. I would recommend anyone who is looking to shed pounds without gaining it all back. Every week, I've been losing weight & enjoying life. I can't wait to see the final results!!


"Does the Yo-yo effect (also known as weight cycling) occur after the Detox Diet?"


My The Yo-yo effect is an inevitable challenge present in every dieting method, including the Detox Diet. After weight loss, the body naturally remembers its normal state and strives to return to its original shape and form. YBʼs Detox Diet program, however, works with its patients to provide expert ways of maintaining the post-diet body. With YB Clinicʼs personalized advice on nutrition, dietetics, and physical exercise, patients can transition into a healthier lifestyle and significantly decrease the Yo-yo effect normally present in other dieting methods.


"How do I know which diet plan is best fit for me?"


A successful diet does not always result from simply brute starvation or rigorous exercise; instead, it results from a set of specific plans that are personalized to you and your bodyʼs needs. Through private consultations with Dr. YB, your constitutional body type, prior weight patterns, and medical history are thoroughly analyzed, for the purpose of designing you an effective weight loss plan. Knowing the specific food items best for your body, the ideal amount, duration, and type of exercise, or the right length and pace of your diet program will maximize your chances of a successful weight loss and maintenance.


"Is it better to start herbal medicine right after giving birth, or should I wait until I finish breast-feeding?


It is beneficial to take herbal medicine right after giving birth, in order to remove the extravasated blood and foreign matters of the uterus. Furthermore, herbal medicine can restore the energy and blood dynamics that had been weakened during the pregnancy. You can also take herbal medicine that protects weak joints and decrease your chances of postpartum illnesses. There is a possibility that the herbs may affect the child during breast-feeding, however, so they will be used in moderate amounts and with mindful observation.

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