Detox diet


YB Detox Diet Program is designed to re-memory and recalibrate in your body through an individualized program schedule. It helps Low back pain, chronic pain or headache, allergy, obesity after birth, menopause.



The Basic Diet: A long-term weight loss program using a gradual step-by-step combination of meal plans and physical exercise. The steady, regular pace of the program not only results in 10%~12% loss of of weight loss and at least 6 months of weight maintenance against Yo-yo effects. 


The Detox Diet: An intensive weight loss program of shorter duration--either of 3 weeks or 5 weeks-- depending on individual cases. 


3-Week Program: ideal for individuals looking for an effective short-term weight loss, (especially for specific occasions such as weddings, parties, events), where fast and intense weight loss is prioritized over long-term maintenance. 


5-Week Program: ideal for individuals trying to lose steady weight because of health issues, such as obesity, backache.

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